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    12 Quotes on Leadership, Passion, Hard Work and More from the Entrepreneur Behind Nike Phil Knight

    Nike's Phil Knight can teach you a thing or two about entrepreneurship.

    “Play by the rules, but be ferocious,”advises Phil Knight, the brains behind one of today’s most popular sports brands Nike. There’s even more to learn from Knight too.

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    After graduating from the University of Oregon with a degree in journalism, Knight enrolled in Stanford Graduate School of Business where he discovered  his love of entrepreneurship. Soon after graduation, he found himself partnering with his old track coach Bill Bowerman to launch sports shoe company, Blue Ribbon Sport, in 1964. By 1971, the co-founders saw much success and renamed the company Nike.

    Today, Knight is not only recognized as a top business magnate, but a philanthropist and best-selling author too. He’s donated over $2 billion to his alma maters, as well as the Oregon Health and Science University.

    To learn more from Knight, here are 12 quotes on leadership, rule-breaking, growth and more.  

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