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    12 Daymond John Quotes to Help You Achieve Greatness

    There's much to learn from the entrepreneur, Shark Tank investor, celebrity and author Daymond John.

    Being a successful entrepreneur is no walk in the park. It takes dedication, motivation and focus. At least, that’s what helped entrepreneur, Shark Tank investor, TV personality and author Daymond John. And today, John uses his own personal entrepreneurial experiences to help others grow and achieve their own.  

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    John has always been hardworking and motivated to achieve greatness. While developing his menswear line FUBU out of his mother’s home in Queens, New York in his 20s, John was also working a full-time job waiting tables at Red Lobster. In fact, even after FUBU began turning profits, John kept working at the restaurant, adding a blanket of financial security if his entrepreneurial endeavor ended up flopping. After much hard work, late nights and some help from his mother, FUBU took off, eventually growing into a $6 billion company.

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    Today, while John is recognized as the brains behind FUBU, he’s also one of the star investors in ABC’s hit reality series Shark Tank, where he gives his own input, advice and sometimes money towards new entrepreneurs. He’s leveraged his entrepreneurial success to help make a name for himself and also, to help others.

    To learn more, here are 12 Daymond John Quotes to help you achieve greatness.

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