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    10 questions the Abioduns and Amaechinas want answered as they mourn

    dj olu - chime

    The sudden death of two promising young men – Olugbemiga Abiodun and Chime Amaechina Jude – whose corpses were discovered in a car is the source of perpetual perplexity for their families. 

    As the Abioduns and Amaechinas mourn the still mysterious passing on Saturday, October 7, 2017, more questions are being raised.

    But the autopsy reports of the gentlemen will address some of the questions. 

    Here are a few of the questions as compiled by

    1. Who discovered the corpses of the young men?
    1. Was the car’s engine running when they were discovered?
    1. What position were the corpses in? Were they face down or sitting upright?
    1. What were the items found in the car?
    1. Was the police immediately informed or were the bodies touched by early arrivals?
    1. Was the scene secured or objects taken away?
    1. Who saw them alive last?
    1. What were they doing in their final hours before they went into the car?
    1. What did they drink, eat, smoke last?
    1. What was the condition of the corpse as some claimed blood oozed from their nostrils?


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