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    10 Business Quotes By Foundr To Keep You Motivated Through 2018!

    Forget what you think but if you aren’t stepping into 2018 steadily and fully motivated, you are bound to choke up sooner. 2017 was indeed a year of SME or Entrepreneurs especially here in Nigeria. Every working class person or almost everyone you know has a business of their own they are running.

    Foundr is an online platform that motivates the young entrepreneurs about business. Their online magazine has featured top business moguls such as Richard Branson, Daymond Johnson, Arianna Huffington etc.

    This new year would inspire a lot of us to write down our goals, business aspirations in life but when there is no motivation, we need constant reminders to help us work towards them.

    When you need motivations towards achieving your business goals, these should be a reminder:

    Qutoes credit: @foundr

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