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    You’ll Never Guess How Much Britney Spears Spends on Massages in One Year

    Britney Spears loves getting pampered. Just look at her bill for massages.

    According to documents filed regarding her conservatorship, the 35-year-old singer spent $10,956,873.91 out of the $16 million she earned in 2016.

    Via TMZ:

    According to the docs, her biggest expenses include $122,613 for massages, grooming and nails … $69,668 on wardrobe and $24,392 for hair and makeup. As much as she’s been toning her bod … the massages make sense.

    Her pooches are still very well cared for — $29,852 for the year, which is slightly down from the previous year.

    As for shopping sprees … she rarely spent more than a few hundred dollars at a time in Pottery Barn, Albertsons, Ralphs, Vons (lots o’ groceries), Target and yes … she had enough time to hit up Bed Bath & Beyond too.

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