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    Xiaomi to announce another big-screen phone next week - CNET

    Xiaomi Mi Max is a big phone for video watching

    With a 6.4-inch display the Mi Max makes it so you don't have to squint while watching videos.

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    Xiaomi is readying itself to announce a new supersize phone next week. The company took to its website today to advertise its Mi Max 2, which will be fully unveiled on May 25.

    Chinese phone maker Xiaomi has been gaining traction for making premium phones at midrange prices. In October 2016, it released the Mi Note 2, a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 lookalike, right around the same time the Note 7 was recalled. The company also made waves with its Mi Mix, a gorgeous all-screen phone that ditched the bezels before the Galaxy S8 or the LG G6 did.


    The Mi Max 2 is a follow-up to last year's Mi Max. Standout features of the Mi Max were the phone's huge 4,850mAh battery and its large 6.4-inch display. The Mi Max also came with a not-so-big price, starting at 1,499 yuan (converts to about $230/£160/AU$315) for the 32GB version.

    Details about the Mi Max 2 have yet to be announced, but if the phone is anything like its predecessor you should expect a large screen, a big display and budget pricing. Rumors say the phone could get the following:

    • 5,000mAh battery
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