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    Wickedness! Tanzanian Men Brutally Flog Woman In Public (Watch Video)

    Suspected perpetrators of a merciless flogging of a woman in Tanzania have been arrested by the police.

    The 10 suspects were arrested after a video of the public flogging, that happened on December 23, 2016, went viral.

    According to a statement from Tanzania police, the 38-year-old woman was being punished for allegedly insulting her 55 year old mother and denying that she was her mother.

    She is also accused of threatening to kill her mother through witchcraft. The mother complained to the council of elders of the Msimbiti clan who then decreed that the woman’s punishment would be

    A video of the incident has been widely circulated on social media. The two minute video starts with the woman lying flat on her stomach on the ground, with other villages who came to witness the ordeal sitting at a distance around her.

    Men with thick canes talk to each other before they start whipping her on the buttocks. They each give her five strokes of the cane.

    At one point the pain becomes unbearable for the woman and she struggles to break free from her captors as she pleads for mercy. Instead she is held down by several men as the flogging continues unabated.

    Online users who watched the video expressed shock and anger at the incident. Press play to watch it below.

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