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    “Why Nigerians Are Not Experiencing The APC Change”-Senator Melaye

    Senator Dino Melaye has blamed the civil servants for hampering the impact of the change promised by the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) through corrupt practices.

    Melaye, speaking with the media in Abuja, said that change mantra was not about the APC as a political party but about the way Nigerians conduct themselves, Daily Post reports.

    He said: “The change mantra is not about the All Progressives Congress (APC). The civil servants who are responsible for major corruption in the system are still the same people.”

    “The message of change is not only to members of the APC. It is to Nigeria and Nigerians on how we conduct ourselves; and, how we operate government agencies and activities” he said.

    The senator called on Nigerians to have attitudinal change as the country needed such to overcome the current economic recession.

    “Nigerians, we must have attitudinal change, we must decide that the country is in recession now and we are approaching depression so we must begin to take the right steps inwardly,” he said.

    The senator also urged civil servants in this country, politicians and those who find themselves in positions of authority to become born-again, and begin to act positively towards ameliorating the past.

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