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    We Need Our Readers To Help A Sister Out- Is He Cheating? (A True Story, A Must Read)

    At some point in this story, you’ll be like…


    The question we need answered is simple; Is he cheating?

    Let me start from the beginning.

    My friend walked into my home this weekend with tears streaming down her face, her hair in a mess and looking generally very distraught.

    I did the needful and poured her a drink to calm her nerves and then I asked her what happened.

    Part 1: My friend was going through her new boyfriends photo gallery one day when she came across an album of just under a hundred pictures, of himself and his Ex. These images were everything from making out to walking on the beach. I mean, think of every ‘relationship goals’ picture you’ve seen on tumblr or instagram and then multiply by ten. Oh yes, that bad.

    It is important to note at this juncture that my friend and said guy have been dating for only about 3 months but have somehow managed to have more fights than Iraq and Iran put together. If he isn’t complaining that she’s a nag, it’s that she talks too much or doesn’t mind her business.

    In any case, although hurt, my friend reasoned like an adult and decided that he probably just forgot to delete the images and there was nothing more to it. Then just as she was about to put down the phone…

    Part 2: A message pops up on his Whatsapp from said Ex (lets call her Jane) and the message reads; ‘Baby’.

    To add to that, Jane’s number is saved on boyfriends phone as; ‘Jane(My Life)’ whereas my friends is saved as a very polite; Firstname, Lastname.

    Again, my friend thinks maybe he just forgot to change her name after they  broke up. Months after. It happens right?

    In any case, she wasn’t sure what to do and didn’t want him to think she was being a nag, so she tapped him and said; ”you have a message from ‘Jane’.’ He reads the message, switches off his phone and goes to bed.

    Part 3: Now, my girl was going to let all of this go and just stop getting so worked up about what is most likely nothing when boyfriend invites her to a wedding. She is really busy and can’t make it and so after her Bae goes ‘alone’ to said wedding, the next day, pictures pop up of him and Mrs Ex; laughing, sitting together and generally having a good ol’ time at the wedding.

    Apart from the fact that they make an adorable couple, she doesn’t know if he invited Jane to replace her or if he simply met Jane as a fellow invitee at the wedding. She is feeling a little too uncomfortable with everything and so confronts him about the baby message and the name save. His immediate response is; ‘You have started again, abi?’

    So the real question is; Has my friend indeed started again or is she right to think that this man is cheating?


    Please let us know, your feedback is important and I would like to give my friend a more solid opinion. 

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