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    We Love The Stylish Love Affair Between Ini Dima-Okojie & Fablane By Derin!

    Most designers have their celebrity muses, the unofficial brand ambassador, that one celebrity who constantly puts out looks in their pieces, and looks flawless in them, day in, day out. For Fablane By Derin, the brand’s muse is none other than the delectable actress Ini Dima-Okojie.

    There are several people like me, whose first encounter with the brand Fablane By Derin was via Ini Dima’s Instagram. I remember the particular dress that made me take notice. Black and white lace dress that was so perfect. It was so fitting that I followed the designer immediately.

    Several months later, I can say that their style love affair is everything. It helps that Ini has such a beautiful figure, it’s hard for her to look bad in any outfit.

    Weddings, casual gatherings and even red carpet – Ini and Fablane make the right team!

    Take a look and get inspired!


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