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    #WCW: Nigerian Women Who Look Adorable In Their Natural Hair!

    The natural hair community in Nigeria is expanding to a large extent! It’s like 60% of Nigeria women have ditched ” permed hair” for their natural hair and so far, they have gotten our attention!

    Although the natural hair products may be pretty expensive, women have found natural element such as fruits, food extracts to do ” mysterious” things to their hair to make it grow long, healthy and thick/soft  (however you wish). I’m am proud to say I’m one of them too..LOL!

    A few years ago, we have wondered if our natural hair can be long and healthy thank goodness for the discovery of shea butter & coconut oil Nigerian women have given their natural hair a chance.

    We are crushing on these Nigerian women who look gorgeous in their natural hair! See how long and healthy their hair looks and trust me, natural hair looks gorgeous on anyone!


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