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    This Nigerian linguist is revamping ethnicity across the nation with a multilingual keyboard

    Adebunmi Adeniran, a Nigerian linguist based in the United Kingdom has  invented a multilingual keyboard which supports and enables writing at least 12 Nigerian languages correctly as well as the use od correct signs and tones to give instant meaning to the reader.

    The multilingual keyboard known as “Nailangs” is aimed at ensuring that Nigerian local languages are learned with ease so as to prevent the languages from going into extinction said Adebunmi.

    How it works

    Unlike Konyin’s multilingual computer keyboard which was only available for desktop, Nailangs keyboard is available for download on all platforms such as Google Playstore, iOS store and Window (Desktop) for easy access with attached fee of N2,397.04, $9.99 , N4000 respectively.

    Nailangs keyboard

    After the download is complete, users can type Nigeria’s three official languages, Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba alongside other recognised languages which include Efik, Idoma, Hausa/Fulani, Tiv among others,” Adebunmi said.

    Nailangs seeks to provide a solution for addressing many who complain that their names are often mutilated as a result of the inadequacy of the already existing computer keyboards.

    Beyond the Keyboard.

    Adebunmi expressed dissatisfaction at the rate which, in recent times, Nigerians use their dialect as a secondary language instead of primary language. However, she praised the Urhobo people for their passion to speak and write their dialect hence Urhobo language made the list of the 12 languages on the Nailangs keyboard despite not being a part to the so called “recognised” language.

    Adebunmi has established a website that teaches Yoruba language alongside partnership with some Yoruba after school clubs that can teach children Yoruba language once they return from school, particularly in Lagos.

    She hopes this invention will go a long way in re-instituting the pride associated with languages in Nigeria, and subsequently become the national keyboard for Nigeria in the nearest futur

    The post appeared first on Ventures Africa.

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