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    The Way President Obama Looks At Michelle Obama When He Addresses Her In His Farewell Speech Yesterday Got Her A Standing Ovation- When A Man Loves A Woman!(Watch Here)

    I mean, Barack and Michelle have been an inspiration in more ways than one! From reminding us the power of black women and girls all over the world, to teaching our men to be better, they have been the most powerful couple in the world for the past 8 years and it had nothing to do with their position and everything to do with the impact they made.

    In his farewell speech yesterday, Barack Obama addressed his wife and thanked her for being the FLOTUS that made a difference. We love everything about these two and the way that man looks at his wife is something that every woman prays for.

    You can tell that this man loves this woman and whats better, you can tell that she is a strong woman and worth every little drop of his love.

    To the couple that reminds us the importance of friendship, love, family and hope, we salute you! America will miss you and so will the rest of the world.

    Video Credit: Business Insider

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