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    The Style Glaminarian’s Picks – Soft Hues

    There certainly are times where it dawns on us that we have worn every single piece of dark clothing in our closet and it almost seems like our hues are way too predictable and so we want to switch things up a bit. Or perhaps we just want to embrace our femininity by opting for subtler shades. This exactly is where soft hues (pastels) come in.

    Pastels are definitely a classic, timeless wardrobe staple. Year after year, they can be worn and incorporated into our outfits and still look super trendy .If you’ve been in the sisterhood of dark or very bright hues for a while and you’re in dire need of a look that would have you feeling all warm and cozy yet deliciously tasteful and feminine, you should totally go for softer shades such as light pinks, ice blues, lavenders, cream, etc as they would totally seal the deal.

    Below are a few delectable and tender style sets with pastel hues to sweeten up your weekend. Take a cue;


    1. Wear your favorite soft hue head to to.  (For some extra yum,spice up the looks with bright-hued accessories or a lavish piece of jewelry)



    2. Pastels with prints or embroideries are all you need to transform that quiet,elegant outfit into a complete statement. So if you are all about sophistication and intricacies, this may just be a thing for you. When wearing pastels with prints that you’d want to stand out, it’s best to keep everything else simple, minimal and in soft or neutral hues.


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