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    Startup Profile: Duphlux — integrate alternative to OTP solutions for online verification processes

    One-time password (OTP) technology has been — and continues to be — adopted as a means of verification when performing online transactions. However, it hasn’t been without challenges.  They range from failed OTPs, slow delivery of messages to several other glitches in the system.

    After founding Laundrybag, Ikenna Iloeje had the desire to provide a seamless way of going about online verification processes and hopefully, eliminate the problems associated with the OTP model. In June 2017, he launched Duphlux as the solution.

    According to the Ikenna, Duphlux is expected to become a very reliable alternative to OTP codes which are normally sent verify users’ phone numbers when trying to make payments using their cards or register on online platforms.

    It simply works by giving the app a missed call. A number is displayed for the user to dial. Duphlux automatically ends the call once it goes through. No charges are incurred for this verification process.

    Seamless integration with third-party applications, drastic reduction of the hitches associated with tokens and straightforward approach to phone number verification are among the benefits of using Duphlux.

    For more information on how to utilise this service, you may proceed to the website.

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