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    Spurs fans turn on Glenn Hoddle for his Danny Rose article

    Glenn Hoddle on Danny Rose

    Danny Rose has apologised on Friday in the aftermath of his ‘ill-judged’ comments which saw him become the most trending topic on Twitter.

    The Spurs left-back said he would have no hesitation leaving the club and believed he is worth a lot more than the £65,000 a week that Tottenham are currently paying him.

    Rose also had took a sly dig at the club saying that he wouldn’t want to go his whole career without winning a trophy or a medal.

    Both Chelsea and Man United have been linked with the full-back, whose future in north London now seems more uncertain than ever.

    On Sunday, however,  the Tottenham full-back received support from a club legend: Glenn Hoddle.

    Op-ed in the Mail on Sunday

    Hoddle has penned an article for the Mail on Sunday supporting Rose for his comments on Tottenham’s pay structure.

    The former England manager wrote the following:

    Deep down his team-mates will be thinking, ‘Well done, Danny. You’ve put your head above the parapet but you’re only saying what we’re all thinking.’ 

    If they don’t see that money reinvested, as well as additional money spent, confidence will go.

    They will know about the salaries being paid by West Ham, Watford and Palace. All have signings who are thought to be on more than £100,000 a week. Clubs that were involved in relegation battles last season.

    So what price a player who is helping his team challenge for the title? 

    Also see: Danny Rose is wrong – Spurs pay ratio sits between Man United & Arsenal.

    Spurs fans hit back

    Hoddle may be a Tottenham legend, but his latest comments have ticked off many Spurs supporters.

    They’ve turned to social media to slam the pundit for his column.

    The tweets are below.

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