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    South Africa: Police On Unlawful Behaviour of Striking SAPU 10111 Employees

    press release

    South African Police Service turns to Labour Court to stop unlawful behaviour of striking SAPU 10111 employees

    The South African Police Service (SAPS) will this morning bring an urgent application in the Labour Court against South African Policing Union (SAPU) to prevent unlawful conduct by 10111 employees picketing outside the Midrand 10111 Call Centre.

    Since Friday last week, SAPU affiliated 10111 employees who are striking at the Midrand Call Centre have been sporadically intimidating and threatening non-striking employees. Yesterday, Thursday 10 August 2017 these unlawful acts escalated into them hurling objects at and damaging state vehicles.

    As the South African Police Service has an obligation to deliver optimal service to our communities, including an efficient emergency response capability, the Acting National Commissioner sanctioned that an urgent interdict be brought this morning.

    In the meantime, the Acting National Commissioner invited both SAPU and POPCRU to a meeting this morning as an intervention from police management to break the impasse in terms of the 10111 strike and to find a way forward to resolve the strike.

    Contingency plans are still in place at all 10111 call centres, which continue to run efficiently with the strike having a minimal effect on service deliveries. Problems have only been experienced at the Midrand Centre, Gauteng and we call upon SAPU affiliated employees to stop unlawful acts aimed at forcing others to join the strike.

    Issued by: South African Police Service

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