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    Somalia: Somnet Launches Somalia's First 4G Internet After Alshabaab Ban

    Telecommunication company Somnet on Saturday launched the first 4G network the first in Somalia In Mogadishu hundreds were seen making long queues at the Somnet headquarters to purchase the 4G simcard .

    The services will now enable Somalis to resume internet services via their mobile phones that was ended in 2004 when militant group Alshabaab threatened Hormud Telecommunication company to cease its 3G services in the country.

    4G internet technology is the latest and fastest in the smartphone technology. The internet has become vital to the lives of mainly urban Somalis .and is always make headways in rural Somalia

    With a large population of Somalis living in the diaspora internet has eased communication with the motherland

    Since the 3G simcards were halted Somalis have been forced to use Wifi modems which is relatively cumbersome compared to a simcard

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