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    “She’s Not The Right Host For The Show” – Wendy Williams Weighs in on Khloe Kardashian New Weight Loss Show ‘Revenge Body’

    Khloe Kardashian‘s new reality show ‘Revenge Body” is stiring up arguments and drama even before the premiere of the show. Daytime Talk show host, Wendy Williams feels Khloe is not the right host for the show. She posted this on her Instagram page yesterday saying;

    “She’s not the right host for this show because I think she’s been less than truthful as to how she got the body”

    Health experts and critics have also expressed their concern that the show is not empowering and it promotes weight loss as a form of ‘Ultimate Revenge’. Dietitian, health and body coach Rebecca Clyde of Nourish Nutrition posted on her Facebook page saying;

    “The idea to package a 100% appearance based program in a pretty & positive bow is horrifying. Getting back at your ex with a ‘revenge body’ is not empowering, nor is it body positive. It can’t be, it is the antithesis.”

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