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    Revealed: The Premier League side Ferdinand is tipping for Champions League glory

    They can go far

    Rio Ferdinand has tipped Chelsea as the team who could go furthest in the Champions League this season. as he thinks that while the Manchester sides look strong in terms of their attacking prowess, their defences both leave a lot to be desired.

    Man United conceded two against Stoke on the weekend, and even let Basel have chances – something that would have punished them against other sides.

    He was speaking after the first round of fixtures in the competition while on BT Sport, and said: “They are a very well balanced team.

    “The manager works hard and from what you hear from within the camp, he drills them daily on tactics and they have an understanding of each other as individuals and as a team.

    “In that sense, they are our best hope, as an English team.

    “With the other teams, you can see deficiencies. Man United, defensively, could come unstuck against the top teams. Man City, the same.

    “Attacking, they’re both fantastic, but Chelsea are very well-rounded.”


    Behind other sides

    It’s clear that the English sides are some way behind other sides – especially the Spanish duo who are of course deadly, and even when you consider Bayern Munich and Juventus, you would struggle to see the majority of the English sides in the competition being considered favourites.

    Real Madrid have dominated the Champions League in the last few seasons, and no English side has won it since Chelsea managed to win at the Allianz Arena back in 2012 – and that was considered a huge shock as well.

    This season, with five English sides in the competition and the majority of those getting favourable draws in the group stages, the odds may well be in their favour in terms of the initial rounds of the knockout stages at least.

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