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    Reasons Why s*x Is Very Important In Marriage

    Reasons Why s*x Is Very Important In Marriage

    May 19, 2017

    s*x goes a longer way than fulfilling s*xual fantasies. Asides from the most obvious reason of connection between the couple, having s*x has great benefits medically.
    s*xual experiences are more precious and passionate when you share it with a significant other.
    1. It helps relieve stress

    s*x is another form of exercise. When we exercise, the body produces chemicals in the brain that act as natural painkillers, endorphins. Endorphins improve the ability to sleep, which in turn reduce stress.

    Did you know you burn over 114 calories per 30 minutes while having s*x?

    According to experts, people who have s*x regularly respond better to stress than people who do not.

    2. It keeps you healthy

    s*x keeps both your physical and emotional state healthy.

    According to several researches, s*x helps defy aging process, strengthen the cardiac muscles, reduce the risk of prostate cancer, reduce the risk of osteoporosis, balance your hormones, improves bladder control and also act as an amazing immune booster.

    It manages emotional issues like anxiety, depression, and infertility.

    It has been proved that having one climax per day keeps your oxytocin, estrogen and testosterone levels at its best.

    3. Keeps you and your spouse connected.

    It is not news that your bedroom chemistry can spice up your relationships. s*x makes couples emotionally and physically connected.

    A lot of times people have tagged the act of s*x as being an overrated act of lust, it importance cannot be pushed aside.

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