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    Police arrests herdsmen for defiling a woman on her farm

    May 19, 2017

    Abubakari Aliu, 32, who allegedly chased a married woman working in her farm with a machete, overpowered and forcibly had s*x with her has ben arrested by the police at Agogo.

    He reportedly fled after committing the alleged crime and left the 19-year-old victim to her fate in the bush.

    The incident happened in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

    According to MyJoyOnline, many who had been defiled by herdsmen didn’t report their ordeal for fear of being stigmatised.

    A member of the Assembly, Mr. Peter Abaje, believes the people of Agogo have been vindicated of r*pe claims.

    He said, “Previously when we report a case of r*pe we were not taken seriously. People keep saying we should bring evidence, which has now has been confirmed. It means it is true; they [herdsmen] have been defiling them [women].

    “But most of the time some of them are always afraid to come out boldly to say they were defiled by herdsmen especially those who are married.”

    Abaje said the latest victim was, however, one of the few to have the courage to report to the police after first informing him.

    She had arrived in the area from the Northern region less than a month ago when she suffered the abuse.

    She reportedly was on her farm with her sister-in-law doing some planting when the herdsman who was wearing a mask attacked them.

    The sister-in-law who managed to escape raised the alarm in the Nsonyameye Community, but it was too late when the villagers arrived the scene, as the herdsman had already escaped.

    “She was crying the whole of the day. It is very difficult for her because she got married about a year ago so she was thinking about how the husband will feel when he hears what has happened,”Abaje said.

    The victim has since been treated and discharged at the Agogo Presbyterian Hospital.

    The investigation is ongoing.

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