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    Paris For Two – Check Out Emotional Proposal of Shar Davis & Deji In The Love City!

    Paris for Two – What is it about Paris that makes people generally all mushy? Well, it’s not called the most Romantic city in the world for no reason. This reputation was acquired based on millions of people visiting yearly to spend romantic time together. 

    We previously brought you a Nigerian wedding inspired by the Paris brand love promise FromParisWithLove17, Now we are bringing to you Shar Davis and her boo Deji. Deji proposed to Shar in Paris, with the Eiffel tower in the background. Their beautiful proposal moment was captured by Paris-based photographer Paris For Two. 

    Shar the newest Fiance in town wrote about her proposal experience below:

    “The only way he got me up and out of bed at 7 am after going to bed at 3 am was by telling me we had brunch reservations (I like food, a lot). Even though I was cranky, I still got up and got dressed lol little did I know the best day ever awaited me. When the violinist started playing Ed Sheeran -Thinking Out Loud. I cried my eyes out and said yes to my best friend. You inspire me to be the higher me and I’ll forever hold you down. It’s becoming harder to decipher between my dreams and reality. My dreams are becoming realistic and my reality feels like a dream. I love you, King. We’re engaged. It’s a forever thing, I’ll love you through everything. My custom engagement ring that he designed, fit for a Queen.  Baby, you did that.”

    The photographer also wrote:

    “A lot of emotion on this early morning proposal at Trocadero. Wishing to Deji and Shar a wonderful journey in their new life together”. 

    Check out Shar Davis & Deji Paris For Two Proposal Pictures Below:

    Congratulations Shar & Deji.

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