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    Oni Gele Brings Us Spectacular Wedding Glam Ready Traditional Nigerian Headgears!

    Oni Gele promotes the art of Nigerian Headgear tying. Tying Gele is something many Nigerian women struggle with including myself. While attending Nigerian parties with my mum who is excellent at tying Gele’s many people approached her to assist them to tie their gele. Nowadays, there are people like Oni Gele who are professionals at tying gele and charge people for this service. We like services like hers, truly a life saver. 

    This is what Oni Gele said about gele tying as a craft below:

    “Do something differently and be remembered for that. Mother Theresa once said “we only know too well that what we are doing is nothing more than a drop in the ocean, but if the drop were not there the ocean would be missing something ….. To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul Grow. I know you have heard it a thousand times before, but it true “Hardwork always pays off” if you want to be better, you need to make some healthy sacrifice for growth, learn, practice, be very passionate about practice, be persistent, practice again and practice again.. It’s no rocket science just learn the fundamentals and go do some homework…”.

    I totally agree with her. Gele tying can be learnt and I am also talking to myself here. It’s a valid skill Nigerian women need. Then again, if we all know how to tie our gele’s then Oni gele and others might be out of service. lol .. As if that will ever actually happen. 

    On a real though, how does she tie a very strong gele material with stones and embroidery? She answered saying:

    First thing first, “be calm, put on the attitude of, have Got it all under control” so what do you do? (there’s a Lil, shenanigan you perform before tying those types of material tho, will make a video and post soon). How do you tie? note: your technique doesn’t change, at that moment your technique actually get more Refined because you are trying to lay each pleat as perfect as you can. So be still, “do what you do in class, remember your Guidelines and follow through diligently and I promise you’ll slay”.  Thanks Oni Gele, we will be applying this next time we are struggling to tie our embroidered and embellished gele.

    Thanks Oni Gele, we will be applying this next time we are struggling to tie our embroidered and embellished gele for a Nigerian wedding.

    Check Out Oni Gele Work Below:


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