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    Nigerians say no to posting nude photos on social media


    Posting one’s own nude photos on social media has become a trend.

    People, in the name of celebrating one thing or the other, resort to posting their nakedness on social media just to show they are happy. The trend, which is mainly common among the female folks, has taken an entirely different dimension.

    Aside the fact that some people expose their friends (especially in a broken relationship) by leaking their sex and nude photos, some now post their own nude pictures themselves. There are various categories of the nude posts, they come according to what is being celebrated. There are the birthday post, pregnancy shoots, post-natal shoots, among the rest. spoke with Nigerians on their take concerning the trend…


    Francis Precious

    Nudity is not new anymore, if any lady should go nude for anything she has her reason to do so. But for me I wouldn’t advise it, because I can’t do it but I wouldn’t criticize those that do it.


    Favour Olsar

    It’s not a good omen, though they are just overwhelmed for adding another age, nobody in his right senses should do it. I mean posting nude pictures on social media is stupidity because male fans will never want to have anything to do with such a lady.


    Ademola Rahmat

    As a matter of fact, I will say the world is already coming to an end, because if there is fear of God, there will not be a way devil we have way in their heart, which will now lead to posting one’s nakedness for everybody to see. Even the elders who are supposed to serve as a good example are now the ones that are at the forefront of the whole thing.

    I fear for our coming generation.


    Afolabi Rukayat

    They are out of their minds. There is nobody in his or her right senses that would do such a thing. What exactly do they want to achieve? Or how would they marry? And who will even respect such a person? In fact, the Senate should sponsor a bill that will punish anybody that posts nude pictures. Because it’s absolute nonsense.


    Shoneye Abosede

    That is the beginning of madness because you cannot see someone in good state of mind that would behave in such way. It’s only mad people that go as far as putting their nakedness on social media.


    Gbolagade Gbadamosi

    That is what the country has turned to, I don’t know what they want to achieve by doing it. Even if you are celebrating your birthday or you just want to show yourself on Social media, do you have to go that

    far? That is total rubbish and we need a solution to this new trend.

    Maybe if someone is punished for it, it will reduce.


    Thabita Daniel

    That is one of the signs that the end is here. It doesn’t even conform with common sense, I don’t see the reason for it. Is it to show that they are beautiful under their dresses or what? It’s awkward.


    Folarin Osunbiyi

    Those doing it are possessed. A sane person won’t do that. Besides, I think it’s the effect of social media. People are willing to go out of their ways just to get noticed.


    Olasupo Abiodun

    I am sure that our body is the temple of God, and I believe the temple of God should be sacred. I will attribute posting one’s nude photos on social media as lack of home training. Anyone that is well trained from home will know it’s a senseless act.


    Ugochukwu Austin

    The only reason why people it is because we give them what they want to achieve

    by doing it. We like their nude photos, hail them and even encourage them to do more. Had it been everybody that saw the photos condemned them and even cursed them, this madness would have reduced.


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