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    Nigerians angry as senators refuse to disclose salary and allowances


    The salary and allowances paid to senators have become the source of concern of every Nigerian. Nigerians want to know how much their lawmakers receive. 
    There has been calls on the Senate to disclose the actual amount each member receives, but unlike in other civilized countries where the opinion of the masses matter, the Senate has bluntly refused to disclose what each member earns. This, however, has generated a lot of reactions from the public as the people accuse the leaders of milking the country dry, collecting N29 million per month! spoke with Nigerians on what they feel now that the Senate has refused to disclose their earnings.
    Below are their responses…
    Ibitoye Oluwasegun
    Of course, I feel bad. I feel like I’m being cheated, I feel hopelessness for the country. There is only one way to this issue, the Senators are thieves, the more reason why they can’t disclose what they earn. They are a set of self-centered rogues. They are just milking the nation, they are feeding on our resources.
    Adeagbo Abisola
    Are they not thieves? Are they not rogues? We should expect this when we elect the wrong people into power. They know we would stone them if they reveal the ridiculous amount they pay themselves. They are all selfish, they earn too much. They are all there because of the money not because they intend to serve the nation. They just want to enrich their pockets. If the salaries and allowances are slashed, none of them will be willing to run for the post.
    Raji Olubukola
    The reason they can’t disclose it is because the money is too much.  Are they our representatives? No, they are not. Each of them is representing himself and his family. They are just there for the money, nothing more. God will judge all of them for the hardship Nigerians are going through presently.
    Ikubor Vivian
    I am really angry. This is the same country where the minimum wage is N18,000, teachers earn N10,000, yet some gluttons stay up there to embezzle all that we should benefit from. I know they will never be able to disclose it, at least they earn the highest in the whole world.
    Tiamiyu Tomiwa
    They are mad people. They collect allowances for virtually everything. We know it even if they fail to reveal it. Imagine them collecting allowances for newspapers. Had it been they buy the newspapers truly, would vendors not be rich? Wouldn’t they know what those they are representing are going through? They won’t remain on that seat for life, I am quite sure of that.
    Andrew Gabriel
    I am not surprised by their actions. As far as I am concerned, those people are above the law. Either we take it or not. Who would come out to make the announcement? None of them would try it except if they want war. My advice for the Senate is even if they can’t disclose it, they should pardon us and slash the allowances.
    Iyiola Bamidele
    I just feel bad for our dear country. These people will finish us if care is not taken. The world is advancing and Nigeria is just here crawling because of the thieves directing the affairs of the country. They will finish everything one day and we would all be sorry for the parts we played. We give these people much more priority than they deserve. Once we start treating them like thieves, they would make a U-turn.
    Iyimen Stanley
    This is not the first time senate will refuse to disclose how much they earn, let’s not treat it like its the first time. We have always let it go and that is why the country is so backward. If actually those thieves have our interest at heart, they won’t wait till we ask them to disclose their earnings. This thing is meant to be constitutional. After all, the nation’s wealth is jointly owned. Why are they treating it like it’s theirs alone? It’s only God that can save us from these wicked souls.
    – Azeezat Kareem for
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