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    New details emerge on Isaac Success’ £2, 000 sex mess

    Isaac success

    Things seem not to be at ease with 21-year-old Watford star, Isaac Success, after claiming to have been duped by four commercial sex workers he met in a strip club in London’s West End to spend the night with him.

    – The premier league star had not played in Watford’s 2-0 win at Southampton on September 9 but enjoyed a night out the following day in London, when he met the girls.

    – The Nigerian striker gave the four prostitutes (Michaela Carter, Ms Alexis Domerge and two others) £500 each (which is approximately one million naira), for a night with him at a hotel after he boasted of his prowess to the ladies.

    – As a result of the excess intake of two bottles of Baileys liqueur straight from the bottle, he was unable to perform, despite everything they could think of to try and rouse the player but to no avail.

    – After about 90 minutes of inaction, the ladies notified him of their intention to leave, this got Success frustrated because the ladies declined giving him an extra time. He angrily demanded his money back.

    – However, things started to get nasty when disagreement ensued. There was a lot of screaming which woke the entire patron of the hotel.

    – The hotel then sidelined them out. The star, who earns £30,000 a week, was arrested in the Hertfordshire hotel lobby after police were called following an allegation of assault.

    – It is claimed Success admitted to police he paid the girls for sex and he was put in handcuffs while claiming he had been cheated out of his money.

    – Meanwhile, Success, who signed for Watford for £12.5million in July 2016, told his bank to block the payment to the escorts.

    – A spokesman for Hertfordshire Police confirmed they are investigating an allegation of assault reported to have happened at 6.30am on September 11.

    – He had since been arrested and de-arrested and inquiries are ongoing.

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