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    Namibia: Company Fires Employee for 'Pretending to be White'

    A Namibian branch of Flight Centre Travel Group has denied allegations that they fired an employee for pretending to be white.

    The Namibian on Monday reported that a former employee, Alex van Wyk, had taken legal action against the company after losing her job for allegedly identifying herself as a white woman.

    Flight Centre said they charged Van Wyk for breaching her employment contract, and that she resigned before she could face an enquiry.

    "The headline states as fact that Ms Van Wyk was fired for pretending to be white. This is false and misleading," the company's lawyers, Fasken Martineau, wrote in response to the article.

    They said although Van Wyk's lawyers stated that they were instructed to take the matter to the labour commissioner, nothing seems to have been done yet.

    They also said Van Wyk has not demanded reinstatement, and that she said she no longer wants anything to do with the company.

    Documents seen by The Namibian indicated that Van Wyk was charged with gross dishonesty, supplying false information, and misinforming the company after she ticked the "white" box on a company form.

    This led to Van Wyk claiming that she was constructively dismissed as she was forced to resign from the company.

    Flight Centre's lawyers said the company denies that they have acted unfairly or in a racist manner.

    "Our client is committed to fair labour practices and non-discrimination," the lawyers wrote.

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