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    Michael Carrick reveals hilarious story about secret phone call on team bus


    Michael Carrick has opened up about his life outside of football, and told a rather funny story about one of his friends.

    You might imagine as a footballer playing for one of the biggest teams on the planet, his friends would be aware of that – but even on a Champions League night, that isn’t actually the case – to hilarious levels.

    Carrick said:“They’re rugby lads, so they kind of watch football, but they don’t watch football if you know what I mean. They’re not football fans.

    “This sums it up – it was 2013, it was about quarter to seven. I was on the team coach and my phone rang, and I couldn’t answer it because I was on my way to the game.

    “So I’ve text him [Carrick’s friend] back and he’s gone: ‘Call me. Call me.’

    “So, I’ve quickly rang him on the sly on the bus, and I hate doing that.

    “He went: ‘How’re you doing? What’s happening?’

    “I’m like: ‘What do you want?’

    “He went: ‘Ah nothing, I’m just seeing what’s going on?’

    “I said: ‘I’m just pulling into the Bernabeu, we’ve got Real Madrid in the Champions League.’

    “He went: ‘Oh right, OK, good luck then.’

    “He didn’t have any clue we were playing.”

    A new deal?

    Carrick is of course looking for a new deal from United, and wants to stay at the club, although quite if that happens is anyone’s guess.

    He thinks a new deal could happen, and with United and Mourinho impressed with his performances this season, that may well end up being the case.

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