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    M.A.C. Just Launched A Colour Changing Lipstick , The Hint of Colour Lip Oil

    Color changing beauty inventions are not new as the Color-changing lip balms have been trending for almost a year now but M.A.C has changed the game again with The M.A.C. Hint of Colour Lip Oil.

    The lip colour comes in an oil based gloss form and champions the reinvention of the 90s lip-gloss craze.

    The lip oils, which are like a lip stain and lip gloss in one,  comes in standard lipstick hues like pink, red, and purple and an unexpected wild color, yellow and the lip formula makes the lip color transform based on your body’s pH levels.

    The only problem is the M.A.C Hint Of Colour Lip Oil seems to only be available in Asia.


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