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    Liverpool slammed for their schoolboy defending against Sevilla


    Liverpool’s defending caused them issues once again – this time in the Champions League, with the club shipping a very early goal to Sevilla and then giving up their lead to end up drawing 2-2 with the club.

    BT Sport pundits Frank Lampard and Rio Ferdinand were not impressed, and lambasted the club for their shoddy defending and giving away goals too easily, putting themselves in a poor position.

    It’s been a constant source of annoyance for the fans, and something that the manager and players have spoken about when it comes to what they need to change and what they need to improve – yet it seems to be the same old story, and the same old players who are making mistakes and letting the side down time and time again.

    “We talked about them defending before the game,” Lampard said on BT Sport.

    “It all came true early in the game. Two basic mistakes, Lovren with the most glaring one, missing the ball that he should clear. 

    “But you were talking about Moreno, Rio, the left-back.”

    Ferdinand added: “He (Moreno) doesn’t even think about defending, his first thought is to get up the pitch.

    “He looks at the attacker there, you’ve got to get goal side. 

    “That’s criminal to be the wrong side of the attacker there. 

    “But Lovren, first and foremost, should clear his lines. 

    “Why he has fallen over there to clear the ball I will never know.”

    Coutinho back

    One thing that the club do have going for them is the return of Philippe Coutinho, who came off the bench to feature for Liverpool. 

    It seems that the player is now staying until the end of the season at least, with Klopp making the point once again that he has no plans to sell him, and that when the club sold previous top players, he was not the manager.



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