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    Liam Payne Doesn’t Plan on Marrying Cheryl Cole in the Near Future

    Liam Payne doesn’t plan to swap vows with Cheryl Cole, who recently gave birth to their first child together.

    Payne was a guest on Dan Wootton’s Bizarre Lifepodcast on Thursday and during his interview, he explained why he doesn’t want to marry Cole just yet.

    “I see marriage as more of a religious thing and I’m not really a religious person, so I know it’s not really on the cards for me at the moment,” said Payne. “So no not yet.”

    “We have a baby together,” he continued, referencing their son, Bear. “You know our love for each other can’t be more serious so it is what it is I guess.”

    Payne said that the hardest part about promoting a new album with a newborn is missing out on family time, but Cole fully supports the continuation of his work schedule.

    “That’s how she is with it and Bear is beautiful,” Payne said. “I love him and I miss him terribly. I can’t talk about him too much because it makes me sad because I miss him a lot. It’s hard being away from your newborn son”

    Payne and Cole met in 2008 during his audition on The X Factor when he was 14 and she was 24. He auditioned two years later in 2010, which is when he became a member of One Direction. Their son, Bear, was born two months ago in March.

    Listen to his full interview on Bizarre Life in the player below.

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