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    Lethal Bizzle spots Alexis Sanchez flying, says he’s leaving Arsenal

    Lethal Bizzle & Alexis Sanchez

    Lethal Bizzle is a big Arsenal fan.

    He’s also the cousin of former Arsenal midfielder Emmanuel Frimpong.

    On Saturday, the rapper posted a couple of eye-catching updates on SnapChat, after he spotted Alexis Sanchez at Luton airport.

    Sanchez, who was at the Emirates Stadium on Friday night to watch the 4-3 win over Leicester, has been tipped with a summer exit from the Gunners.

    Alexis, of course, is in the final year of his Arsenal contract.

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    ‘He’s off man!’

    According to Lethal Bizzle, it’s clear as day that Alexis Sanchez is leaving Arsenal.

    Looking rather downbeat, he told his followers:

    I just saw Sanchez. He’s off man! He’s off. He was looking mad nervous. Just to give you a heads-up Arsenal fans – he’s gone!

    Watch the video below, together with a picture Lethal Bizzle posted onto SnapChat.

    Where’s he gone?

    While Alexis may still leave Arsenal, it’s unlikely that Lethal Bizzle broke a scoop.

    News broke on Saturday night that Sanchez had flown to Paris with his girlfriend Mayte Rodriguez and his agent.

    L’Equipe revealed that the agent is planning talks with PSG. But is that for a deal this summer, or next?

    Is Alexis Sanchez joining PSG next season?

    There have been rumours this summer that Neymar is keen for Alexis Sanchez to join PSG.

    However, once Neymar joined PSG it was thought they would end their interest in the Arsenal attacker.

    At this stage, perhaps the more likely option is that Alexis Sanchez is agreeing a move to PSG next summer.

    As it stands, if Alexis does not sign a new deal with Arsenal, he can sign for a new club in January 2018.

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