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    Labour Room Drama 173


    hellooo Stella, my LRD....ok straight to the point, my pregnancy was stress free always has been, am writing about my third pregnancy hopefully I will write about my first and second. 

    Had my baby through Cs, i had her at 37 weeks 4days cos I was so uncomfortable my tummy was very big no Labour pain no broken water i just decided to go to the hospital on getting there I told them what I was there to do, a line was set up for me I passed the night in the hospital alone i was told not to eat anything and was told the anaesthetic will be around in the morning.

     morning came still did not see him i was already impatient cos I couldn't wait to see my baby, in the evening he strolled in, then the nurses came to get me ready, when I entered the theatre my heart started beating and i was so scared it was my third Cs and memories of the first and second started flooding in, i was asked to lay on the table face up hands spread and a bigger line was fixed in my hands and the urine whatever (can't remember the name) was fixed in my vee then I was asked to sit up.

    The anaesthetic started cleaning my back, my spine to be precise was cleaned severally with cotton and dettol it was cold before i knew it i was pricked about three times on my spine and i felt a very strong electric shock then I started losing sensation on my legs i was asked to lay down, i was naked the anaesthetic started pricking my abdomen up to my chest to know if I can still feel anything gradually i lost all feelings from my chest down and the knife was introduced to my tummy i remember telling the doctor that I want a straight and clean cut, then the tugging and pulling started i heard the doctor said, that her big intestine i was so scared I started praying within me:::

     then they stated pulling and pushing the baby out within seconds i heard my baby cry i was so happy that I wanted to cry but the tears wouldn't come my baby was shown to me she looks so much like her dad. I was stitched my tummy was dragged to be sown together within minutes they were done i was cleaned, dressed and wheeled out of the theatre i saw my husband carrying our baby looking so happy with a big smile on his face and my two kids....

     I was taken to my room I was placed on the bed i asked the nurses to give me something to make me sleep they refused that they have to observe me for somtime i was observed for few hours then I was injected to sleep, I woke up with a terrible sharp pain couldn't sleep again then they started injecting me with pain killers the next day the pain subsided i was able to stand upright and bath myself...

    I was in the hospital for six days cos my daughter had jaundice. The third Cs was still the best, same hospital same doctors, nurses and anaesthetic i was discharged with my baby, I and my baby were certified ok to go home its been two months am very ok and lossing the baby weight gradually. Forgive my errors.....I love you Stella kisses. pics of me and baby

    LMAOOOOOO...I am sorry the whole composition made me laugh so hard...congratulations madam big intestine..LOL

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