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    Kissing, bathing: 13 problems those with four eyes face everyday

    Eye glasses somehow become a fashion statement overnight. From popular celebrities to runway models, it seems that everyone needs a pair of glasses for one reason or the other. However, not everyone has the choice of wearing or not wearing eye glasses because theirs is prescribed and they need it to see like everyone else.

    Here are the 11 struggles of people with medicated eye glasses:

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    1. When you can’t find your glasses

    glassiz (2)


    You might sleep off unexpectedly and when you wake up, your glasses are nowhere to be seen. You are now forced to do a blind search for it with your hands because how can you find your glasses if you can’t see anything?

    2. Universal expectation to be sexy

    glasses (2)

    Too many movies have shown the quiet, unattractive person in glasses as the unexpected sexy person. At some point in the movie, he or she is supposed to take off her glasses or switch to contact lenses and become a bombshell. Most times, people will assume you have a sexy or naughty librarian side to you and they can’t wait for that side to show.

    3. Kissing/having sex

    glassiz (5)

    You can’t always go in for  a normal kiss like in movie scenes. If you wear glasses, you need to take time and map out how you will get the perfect kiss without your glasses being jammed into forehead or worse, tangled in another person’s hair. And with sex, if your partner doesn’t like the glasses during sex, you’ll have to squint through the whole thing.

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    4. People believe you are a genius

    It may be because Albert Einstein wore glasses or maybe just that people expect since you have another pair of eyes, you can see more than the average human. Or it could be they assume you had no friends so spent all your time reading your books.

    5. People asking to see/wear your glasses

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    No, I do not want to lend you my glasses because they are my eyes and I need them to see. You, will you lend me your eyes for a bit? People will happily ask to see your glasses to know if it’s prescribed or not or just have a feel of what it’s like to wear them. This will lead to the inevitable comment on how bad or good your eyes are.

    6. Make up

    glasses (5)

    This is a struggle only women face. You will do most of your make-up without the glasses so you’ll need to stand very close to the mirror to see all you are doing or if you have enough money, hire a professional.

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    7. Showering

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    You will prepare all you need in the shower beforehand so you don’t have to bother looking for it. But what of the things you don’t prepare for? If a cockroach or a an unidentified moving creature joins you in the shower, you’ll be squinting and not sure of what to do next.

    8. When it rains

    glasses (3)

    When it rains, it pours…and it pours all over your glasses. If it’s a drizzle, you can still see through a few drops of rain but if it’s heavy, you’ll wonder why no one has created small windscreen wipers for glasses.

    9. Four eyes

    glassiz (6)

    This ‘insult’ has become so overused that it may as well become a compliment. People say it as a joke or with the intent to hurt because you need glasses to have the normal eyesight. A correct term is visually impaired and it’s not nice to pick on them. Plus, they don’t have four eyes, they have a pair of glasses to correct their vision.

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    10. Sunglasses

    glasses (1)

    Get ready for the sun to blind you in all directions because they still have not created detachable clip-on sunglasses like they have with 3D glasses. You can always switch between sunglasses and your glasses when it’s too bright outside but make sure you have a seeing-eye friend to direct you. Alternatively, you can buy the glasses with sunshades that are not detachable and end up looking like a Papa Ajasco character.

    11. Temperature change

    Female Optician In Surgery Giving Man Eye Test

    If there’s a temperature change, your glasses will seriously fog up and blur your vision. It could happen when you come out of a car with a cold AC, or when you drink tea or coffee or when you’re cooking. You have to master the art of avoiding steam and always have a glasses cleaner handy.

    12. Endless Eye check ups


    You’ll wish every eye check-up would be the one where your doctor will confirm you are cured and no longer need eye glasses. But the doctor will only end up increasing your power or extending the current one you have.

    13.  Sports/Swimming

    glassiz (3)

    Unless you have indestructible glasses or maybe you have 100 pairs available, any kind of sports puts you at risk of losing your lovely frames. So, you have a limited choice of which sports you can safely do especially if you don’t want contact lenses. Also, you will have to swim without your glasses, sorry.

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