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    Kailyn Lowry: The Baby's On Its Way & I Don't Have a Name Picked Out!

    Well, the big day is almost here.

    Kailyn Lowry will welcome her third child sometime in the next couple weeks, and as has been the case throughout her pregnancy, she's staying tight-lipped about the details.

    Initially, Kailyn wouldn't even reveal the name of her baby daddy, and now she's keeping mum about her due date and the kid's gender.

    Obviously, it's her right to decide what information about her personal life is made public, but considering how open she's been in the past, we suppose it's not surprising that fans have been caught off guard by Kailyn's secrecy.

    And since this is 2017, it's equally unsurprising that those same fans are clamoring for information on social media.

    Earlier today, Kail reveled that she was gearing up for her final doctor's appointment before her due date.

    "One more appointment today! Getting closer & closer," Lowry tweeted.

    Several of Kail's followers sensed the opportunity to press her further information and pounced on it.

    "You got your names picked out yet? Or will it just be 'baby'? lol," one fan tweeted.

    "Still no names, baby Lo it is until further notice! Lol," Lowry replied.

    It's unclear if Kailyn is saying she's still not ready to reveal the name, or that she has yet to pick one out.

    Given that the latter option is the more salacious, that's the one fans seem to be favoring.

    As a result, Kailyn is currently awash in suggestions and admonitions from fans who are shocked - shocked! - that she still hasn't named her unborn child.

    At this point, we're hoping Kail is enjoying all the attention.

    In fact, we hope she keeps it going and refuses to reveal the baby's name and gender until the next season of Teen Mom 2.

    Not the one that premieres later this month, mind you.

    That one has already wrapped filming.

    We're talking about the season that doesn't air until 2018.

    It would be the ultimate power play, a reminder that just because her personal life is integral to her career, she's under no obligation to share everything with the public.

    And, if we're being honest, it would be fun to see her fans lose their minds.

    Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more from the suddenly-secretive Kail.

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