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    Jose Mourinho confirms Zlatan Ibrahimovic will be at Europa League final

    He will support them

    Jose Mourinho has claimed that Zlatan Ibrahimovic will be there for the Europa League final, along with the other injured players in the Manchester United squad.

    Obviously they will miss the game and be unable to play, but the footballers will be there to cheer on the side.

    Mourinho went on to praise the team spirit and claim that the players were all sticking together, and the amount of time they have to spend together means it would only work if they were supportive of each other – and friends, and that’s the case.

    Mourinho said: “Crutches for Young, Shaw and Zlatan but we all go together.

    “We have a fantastic group of players, fantastic spirit since the beginning of the season.

    “We spend more time travelling and in hotels than at home. We spend 140 days in hotels and that is only possible because of the spirit.”

    Leaving in the summer

    Zlatan will be in his home country cheering United on, but he will be leaving United at the end of the season after his knee injury made it all but impossible for the club to offer him a new deal.

    A move to the MLS seems to be the most probable outcome now for the striker, with his rehab set to end when the 2018 MLS season begins.

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