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    MTN Nigeria Career Opportunities [5 Positions]

    Jan 12, 2017

    MTN Nigeria – The leader in telecommunications in Nigeria, and a part of a diverse community in Africa and the Middle East, our brand is instantly recognizable. It is through our compelling brand that we are able to attract the right talents who we carefully nurture by continuously improving our employment offerings even beyond reward and recognition.

    We are recruiting to fill the following vacant positions below:

    Job Title: Regional SHE Planner – Officer

    Job Descriptions

    • To develop, implement and administer SHE plan for all MTN activities and operations.
    • Maintain all MTN SHE database in line with local and international requirements while managing the common SHE folder to ensure accuracy and adequacy of information.
    • Keep track of SHE audits and audit follow-up to ensure prompt close out.
    • Assist in organizing SHE seminars/awareness programs and prepare viewgraphs for SHE presentations.
    • Review and update tender document to ensure adherence to requirements.
    • Monitor SHE performance for contractors’ and advise on ways of improving contractor performance.
    • Plan and implement SHE award to recognize best performance.
    • Keep track of the UAA and UAC and follow- up to ensure timely close out.
    • Keep track of SHOC and HRA and ensure that adequate control and mitigation measures are in place to ensure safe working condition at all times.
    • Generate monthly reports on Beta Tripod accident investigation, man-hour and waste management and quarterly SHE performance report.

    Job Condition

    • May be required to work extended hours
    • National travel and a valid driver’s license

    Experience & Training

    • First degree or its equivalent
    • At least 3years relevant experience in SHE management

    Minimum Qualification

    • BA, BEd, BEng, B.Sc, BTech or HND

    Application Closing Date: 24th January, 2017.

    How to Apply

    Job Title: LAN Support Engineer

    Job Descriptions

    • To support network infrastructure across all MTNN Corporate offices and MTNN data center.
    • Conduct research, evaluate LAN infrastructure and maintain level of occupational development Assist in the design and planning of LAN infrastructure and ensure implementation across corporate offices and data centre.
    • Install, upgrade and maintain all LAN items across corporate offices and data centers.
    • Ensure availability of LAN for all corporate offices and data center.
    • Perform LAN support functions down to the last line of support before escalating to suppliers/service providers.
    • Implement Disaster Recovery Plans, Capacity Management and other LAN processes and procedures, ensuring LAN security and integrity are not compromised.
    • Maintain a network management platform and ensure LAN security integrity.
    • Configure and maintain the new routers and switches.
    • Manage administrative network servers and network statistical servers.
    • Provide firewall and remote access to users.
    • Conduct research, evaluate LAN infrastructure and maintain level of occupational development.

    Job Condition

    Job Title: Industrial & Employee Relations Manager

    Job Descriptions

    • To promote and maintain a positive work culture and drive the right values and behaviours by identifying and resolving potentially volatile employee relations issues; providing support to the organization in the resolution of grievance issues and maintaining positive labour relations between MTNN and relevant Labour organizations.
    • Relationship management with all tiers of management and staff within the company
    • Liaison with external trade unions on all Industrial Relationships issues
    • Negotiations with various stakeholder organizations
    • Negotiation on all relevant industrial agreements.
    • Evaluate and monitor related processes, recommending improvements to streamline processes for better compliance and consistency throughout the organization.
    • Manage related policies and procedures and recommend relevant changes/updates as necessary.
    • Ensure implementation and communication of policy updates; interpret and apply policies & procedures, guidelines, regulations and requirements.
    • Contribute promptly to Employee Services and other Human Resources reports.
    • Prepare documentation for and attend all disciplinary hearings.
    • Generate reports for all disciplinary hearings attended.
    • Generate monthly disciplinary reports and communicate learning points to the organization within timelines set in the Disciplinary Process document for process improvements.
    • Engage relevant stakeholders promptly on changes to the disciplinary process.
    • Ensure that all Managers/Supervisors are trained in, understand and comply with disciplinary policies and processes.
    • Oversee complete recording and storage of disciplinary cases in employee files, Employee Services files and MTNN Intranet.
    • Monitor and review disciplinary and termination documentation for completeness and organizational consistency.
    • Develops curriculums and training classes on harassment, discrimination and/or other related topics and deliver classes where applicable.
    • Audit disciplinary records on HRIS for accuracy and completeness.
    • Provide counseling to all levels of employees regarding conflicts/problems that arise in the workplace.
    • Provide support as needed for grievance cases.
    • Receive and track all open employee complaints.
    • Provide advice to line managers and supervisors on matters pertaining to grievance procedures.
    • Prepare necessary documentation to support the legal unit in court cases against the organization relating to employee litigations.
    • Oversee coordination and attendance to all Corporate Council Meetings.
    • Oversee the preparation of a monthly report and ensure timely closure on all action points raised during these meetings.
    • Monitor the employee council meeting output and drive completion of action points through relevant Departments in the organization.
    • Interface and work in partnership with Employee Council members to escalate appropriate problems to Management through the Corporate Council Meeting as required.
    • Advice and support line managers and supervisors as required in the review of work practices and/or conditions of employment.
    • Facilitate change through appropriate negotiation and consultation with staff representatives.
    • Oversee record maintenance of all industrial and employee relations events and activities.
    • Consult with managers as needed on employee related issues;
    • Organize themed end-of-year Employee Council Retreat for all employee council members, HR Managers and Divisional Management as required.
    • Advocate for the inclusion of Employee Council on all HR decision-making on employee related issues.
    • Update the HR Advisor Culture & Engagement and HR Business Partners on all employee related engagement action points.
    • Facilitate appropriate negotiation and consultation with external stakeholders in Labour such as the Ministry of Labour, Nigeria Employee Consultative Forum, Chartered Institute of Personal Management e.t.c.
    • Monitor and ensure organization’s compliance with government regulations in labour matters
    • Respond to and advise management and employees on questions regarding employment practices and policy
    • Interpret various labour proposals when necessary
    • Liaise with the legal department on legal complaints and oversee the communication of adequate responses to complainants.
    • Act as a spokesperson in union and employee negotiations in conjunction with Senior Manager, Employee Services.
    • Carry out periodic reviews of expectations of external stakeholders with respect to labour issues.

    Job Condition

    • Job holder may be required to work beyond normal work hours
    • Local travel

    Job Title: Learning Advisor (Line Learning Support)

    • Assist in facilitating learning and development interventions for all MTNN staff
    • An evolving macro-economic environment both local and international.
    • Shifting phase of evolution in organization life cycle.
    • Company Mission, policies and procedures.
    • MTN Nigeria’s business plan.
    • Company objectives for level and quality of service.
    • The increasing need for skills enhancement and development.
    • Locally available skills and manpower.
    • Conduct training needs assessment for individual staff and organization in consultation with departmental heads and managers, promoting linkage of needs with competency gaps.
    • Develop micro training requirements across the organization and source relevant local and international courses to meet such requirements for internal delivery.
    • Conduct checks on content development of learning materials and delivery, assuring quality in accordance with best practices and standards.
    • Assist in organizing and facilitating generic training programmes across MTNN, building quality into training management support services.
    • Provide advice on learning opportunities and methods of delivery to enhance employee performance and productivity.
    • Assist in preparing/delivering specific in-house courses, ensuring training materials are clearly presented and that delivery is satisfactory to participants.
    • Assist in the development of assessment methods and systems required for training needs assessment.
    • Provide learning and development service support and attend to enquiries from stakeholders and deal with related issues.
    • Review training offerings and provide support in the selection of vendors, evaluating course offerings, vendor profiles and available resources for vendor to deliver training.
    • Develop periodic reports and statistics on training related activities in the organization.

    Job Condition

    Job Title: Organisation Effectiveness Advisor

    Job Descriptions

    • To advise and coordinate the implementation of employee engagement activities/ culture programmes
    • Extract value from what we already have by focusing on optimizing processes within the Unit/Department in line with the value creation philosophy. This includes individual contributions and recommendations to improve existing business project/initiative.
    • Drive Innovation by identifying and taking advantage of new business opportunities, e.g., by stimulating and encouraging new business opportunities, launch of products, product/process innovation, business model innovation etc.
    • Maintain leadership in the ICT/Digital industry by partnering with MTNN’s Partners to improve their processes which in turn will improve the efficiency of MTNN’s operations.
    • Enhance/expand MTN’s role in the larger national macro environment by participating in CSR projects and/or NGO’s, involvement in recognized professional institutions, participating in think-tank activities etc.
    • Sustain the right organisational culture and behaviors by demonstrating the vital behaviours every time.
    • Assist the Senior Manager OD in designing, planning and implementing employee retention and culture management programs aligned to the overall strategic HR plan and vision of becoming an employer of choice.
    • Source information from employees on impact of change initiatives and provide customised solutions.
    • Conduct in-depth data analysis and interpretation of the survey and make recommendations for management’s use.
    • Assist in driving the organization culture survey and develop approaches to narrow the gap between the desired and actual culture
    • Identify and implement necessary process improvements to the employee engagement and culture survey administration.
    • Manage the HR internal portal as a communications/interactive tool to engender employee engagement.
    • Carry out review of employee engagement initiatives (e.g. Induction program, Recognition Awards & Events, Staff Welcome initiatives etc.
    • Prepare and share Employee Engagement index reports as well as other reports on culture management and retention initiatives to all HR teams

    Job Condition

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