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    Hunger In The Land: Children pictured eating from dustbin in Nigeria

    Photographs of two young children eating watermelon they picked from a dustbin in the Nothern parts of the country has further accentuated the prevailing hunger and poverty in the country occasioned by the ongoing recession.

    The photos which have become viral on the Internet was snapped and posted by a Facebook user based in Kano State, Umar Faruk who spotted the children eating the fruits they got from a garbage drum.

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    Many Nigerian who have reacted to the photographs have continued to express shock at the turn of events in a country that is supposed to be one of the richest in the world owing to its vast mineral and human resources.

    The hungry kids eating from a dustbin

    Photo Credit: Facebook

    Read some of the comments from concerned Nigerians:

    "This goes to show how hunger has ravaged our country while a few politicians are busy stealing from the commonwealth of the nation.

    With the billions looted by them put into the economy, Nigeria has no reason to be experiencing this kind of hardship."

    "This is a big shame and a disgrace to Nigeria and its leaders who have over the years wrecked havoc on the country by stealing the money meant for the masses. This is so disappointing."

    The hungry kids eating from a dustbin

    Photo Credit: Facebook

    "My heart breaks for these children and many others who are faced with the excruciating hunger and poverty in a land that God has blessed so much."

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