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    HTC U Play Release Date, Price and Specs - CNET

    The HTC U Play is the smaller than the new HTC U Ultra, but we wouldn't call it the runt. It's meant to be a more affordable version of HTC's new line of phones that use AI, or artificial intelligence, software to try giving you a more streamlined experience.

    In particular, it declutters your notifications pane by putting only the alerts you care about on a secondary screen at the top of the phone. How well does it work? Well, we don't know yet. We didn't get enough time to set it up and try it out, which is especially important for a phone that says it'll learn over time.

    But we do know that this glass phone -- which comes in shimmering white, pink, blue and black -- is the less expensive, more midrange alternative to the flagship U Ultra. For example, although its 16-megapixel camera sounds heftier than the U Ultra's 12-megapixel "Ultrapbixel" shooter, HTC says that the Ultra's camera will take the crisper photos of the two.

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