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    How often do you have orgasm?


    Reaching orgasm is the major expectation of couples during sex. And it becomes worrisome when they don’t attain it. sampled opinions of Nigerians to know if they reach orgasm regularly…


    Akeem Shorin

    Yes, I do. But it takes time. Most times, I must do a lot of foreplay before the main action.


    Felicia Madu

    I don’t have orgasm most times. I have even tried medical solutions but to no avail. That has deprived me from enjoying sex as I should.


    Johnson Felix

    Maybe in once a while. My wife usually comes before me. Once she is satisfied, I let go. She wouldn’t even give in again.


    Funsho Arowoshaye

    Yes, I do. What is sex without orgasm? I must get to the climax before I can be satisfied.


    Kemi Funmi

    Yes, I regularly have orgasm. just on few occasions when I don’t have it, I wouldn’t feel satisfied until I have another round.


    Gboyega Oni

    I don’t stay long before having orgasm. Once I engage in so much foreplay, I will come before the main action.


    Temilade Taiwo

    Yes, I do. I think that is the essence of having sex, that is the most joyous moment one should not miss.


    Bola James Oye

    No, I don’t have regular orgasm. I don’t know why. My husband gets high on time. Once he comes, he would relax and that is all.


    Ernest Ajala

    Yes, I do. I wouldn’t be contended if I don’t have oragsm. I feel that is the sweetest part of the game.


    – Shade Wesley Metibogun for 


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