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    How About Creating a Signature Cocktail For Your Nigerian Wedding?

    You have spent months planning every detail of your wedding. I’m talking about from your wedding dress, to change of outfit and the choreography for your first dance together as husband and wife. You pretty much added a personal touch to every part of your wedding aside from the drinks menu. Why not?

    Signature Cocktails are fun at weddings because it adds an extra touch of class. While waiting on your arrival to the reception hall, your wedding guests get to enjoy alcohol in a subtle manner especially female weddings guests. Also for those who don’t drink alcohol, they will not feel left out as they can request for a non-alcoholic drink known as mocktail.


    So now I have managed to convince you on having a signature cocktail at your Nigerian wedding. There are lots of great Nigerian mixologists and signature cocktail crafting pro out there to assist you in creating a cocktail which reflects you as a couple and your wedding theme.

    There are tonnes of Alcohol brands in Nigeria you can consider. For example, if your husband likes Irish Whisky, Jameson should be your brand of choice. However, it doesn’t stop there. So you hate whisky, No that’s okay. How about choosing other bases such as Vodka, Rum and others. Also, consider fruits and vegetables in Nigeria you personally like such as ginger, orange, lemon, coconut, tigernut, watermelon, pineapple, banana, apple, pear, African cherry, carrot, and also condiments such as cinnamon, honey, syrup, coffee, sugar, and nutmeg can be added. To be honest, your combination is up to both of you. This was just a guideline. To be fair, also consider your wedding guests as some might not like a particular fruit, vegetable, base or condiment such as coffee.  Personally, I dislike coffee so can your create an alternative for people like me.

    Feel free to also name your signature cocktail. After all, It’s your handy work and you can do whatever you like to it. Do you know that by creating a signature cocktail, people are likely to drink less alcohol? *wink*wink* …. money saving tips. Thank me later.

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