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    Hijab & Turban Styles: Sagaleeya’s Maternity Style Is Everything!

    Maternity style has some kind of metaphor attached to it. Most women expect saggy clothing, shapeless outfits and untidiness but that’s not what it’s all about.

    Modern women are changing this narrative from oversized gowns/ dresses worn by women to the sexy fitted outfit, buttoned down shirts and even cool outfits.

    Blogger mom and business woman Sagaleeya is the perfect switch for this narrative. She’s a stunner when it comes to style and pregnancy has even helped her style game become better.

    Catch Sagaleeya rocking colourful outfits from pastels to bold print colours. Her hijab styles are off the hook as she tries on different styles to show her heritage. This Somalian queen has worn our hearts about maternity style!

    Credit: Instagram

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