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    Here are 7 most dangerous bridges to avoid In Lagos

    Lagos state is known for its many flyovers and bridges. Some of these bridges have become hot spots for crime. Miscreants often target heavy traffic routes to unleash terror on poor residents.

    Some people are afraid to go out early in the morning and late at night because of this.

    Aside the fact that the victims will be disposed of their valuables, some are injured or even killed by these hoodlums whose operations are fast and deadly.

    Only those that have been victims can tell a better story of their experience in the hands of these miscreants.

    Security agents in the state have been battling to protect residents from these miscreants. Patrolling security personnel on some of these bridges have reduced robbery in the past few months. However, these miscreants still look for any opportunity to attack.

    Here is a list of dangerous bridges in Lagos.

    1. Kara long bridge

    Those who ply the long bridge of the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway always pray for their vehicle not to break down because this particular bridge is dangerous. Those whose vehicles break down on this bridge are exposed to robbers who have hideouts under the bridge. One just prays the robbers that operate on the bridge aren't around when your vehicle breaks down. Sometimes these robbers take advantage of traffic to rob people in their cars.

    2. Third Mainland bridge

    7 dangerous bridges in Lagos

    Third mainland bridge

    There have been countless cases of people getting robbed on this bridge which connects the mainland to the island. Anyone unfortunate enough to have his car break down on this bridge risks being attacked by bandits who are usually armed. These robbers also rob in traffic which is why motorists always wind up their windows when caught in gridlocks on this bridge. Sometimes they even break the windows. When someone is being attacked on this bridge during the day or night, it is very rare for anyone to come to your rescue. Everyone will just keep a straight face and drive past.

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    3. Mile 2 – Oshodi bridge

    This is another notorious spot for criminal activities. The hoodlums at Oshodi under-bridge are notorious for bag snatching. Under the Oshodi bridge is where anything can happen.

    4. Obalende Bridge

    7 dangerous bridges in Lagos

    7 dangerous bridges in Lagos

    The large space under the Obalende bridge is home to different kinds of people, the good, the bad and the ugly. Some of the hoodlums who live under the bridge are known to hang along the bridge at night, waiting for prey. During the day, it is safe, but at night, they come out in their hundreds, harassing road users.

    5. Iyana-Oworo/Ogudu Bridge

    Many have fallen victim to robbery attack on this bridge. You just have to be careful with your possessions because those miscreants can snatch bag, phone or whatever from a moving car.

    6. Cele Bridge

    Constructed during the tenure of the immediate past governor of the state, Babatunde Fashola, it is one of the newest of such bridges in Lagos state. A section of the bridge has been turned into a den of Indian hemp smokers. If this is not nipped in the bud, it might be the beginning of bigger crimes in the area.

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    7. Anthony and Gbagada under-bridge

    This is one of the dangerous bridges in Lagos especially at night. There have been cases of residents getting mugged at various spots close to the two bridges in these two places, which are just a few meters apart.

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