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    'Giraffe Mom’ Erin Dietrich Meets April the Giraffe and Her Calf and All Is Right In the World -- See the Sweet Pic

    "It was so cool to be able to go to the zoo and to meet April and her baby," Dietrich said in a video posted to Facebook. "It's been crazy because people literally recognize me and ask me to take pictures with me and I'm super awkward on the other side of the camera," Dietrich, a photographer, said. "I should be taking pictures.”

    As previously reported, Dietrich went viral after dancing around while pregnant with Porter in a giraffe mask as the internet anxiously awaited the end of April the Giraffe’s weeks-long labor. 

    "It's just been surreal," Dietrich said. "I still don't know, I'm like, 'How did this all happen?' Because I was like 100 weeks pregnant, dancing around in a $16 Amazon giraffe mask. But we're so thankful that we have this story to tell Porter and all the people we've met and things we've gotten to do because of this overnight viral video."

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