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    Gambia: Trust Bank MD Asked to Appear or Risk Arrest As Commission of Inquiry Commences

    The chairperson of the Commission of Inquiry, Surahata Semega Janneh has issued a stern warning to the Managing Director of Trust Bank (Gambia) Limited to appear before the commission on Monday 14th August 2017 or a bench warrant will be issue against him.

    This development followed the appearance of one Babou, who works at the Corporate Affairs Department of Trust Bank Limited and informed the panel that he was without all the required documents regarding the opening of the Tax Recovery Account.

    This prompted question from Lawyer Amie Bensouda as to the whereabouts of the managing director of the bank and the witness said he was asked to come and ask for time on behalf of the managing director in other for the bank to bring a complete complied set of the documents requested.

    Then the commission's chairperson Mr Janneh went on to emphasize, "You have the responsibility to tell your MD that he has to be here on Monday, failure of which a bench warrant will be issued against him."

    The witness further told the commission that only special people at the bank have access to view information on the tax recovery account and these people are in the senior management team.

    He was asked numerous questions regarding the transactions in which monies were debited from the tax recovery account to private individuals and businesses, such as Mr Sheriff Sawaneh, Mr Ansumana Tamba, Mr Omar Gibril Sallah, Events Planning and Management, Foni Carpentry and Construction Company and FMS Enterprise.

    It could be recalled that the commission was recently set up to probe into assets owned by the former president Yahya Jammeh and it commenced sitting yesterday, where several banks appeared before it, to give evidence about banks accounts related to businesses dealing with the former president or his associates.

    Read the full the details of other proceedings in our subsequent edition.

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