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    Freshly-Leaked Phone Conversations Indicate Cabal Advised President Buhari To Resign, Proposed Abba Kyari For Vice-President

    Newly-leaked telephone conversations between two members of the cabal around President Muhammadu Buhari feature a suggestion he should resign his office because of his ill-health, with cabal frontliner Abba Kyari, his Chief of Staff, becoming Vice President.

    In the first conversation, the caller informs the recipient of a new development concerning Mamman Daura, the President’s powerful nephew, and Mr. Kyari, saying they had sneaked into Kaduna from abroad on a chartered plane.

    The call recipient is further informed that Daura and Kyari were received by Mr. Lawan Daura, the Director-General of the Department of State Security (DSS), but that they did not go to the DSS boss’ home.

    He then pleads that his friend give him some time to call you back, apparently needing to do something else. 

    The conversation resumes after the interlude when the call initiator calls back.

    Referring to President Buhari’s poor health, the caller reflects the confusion within the cabal: “They held a meeting, including Sani Zango Daura. They said they held a meeting; they are looking for a way out. They are in a cul-de-sac.  They said Mamman Daura is trying to convince the President to resign on the condition that Abba Kyari be made Vice President,” he disclosed.

    His friend blurts out an expletive in Hausa language.

    The call initiator then discloses that the scheme was presented to Professor Ango Abdullahi, the spokesperson of the Northern Elders Forum and that he rejected it out of hand.

    The initiator tells his friend he needs to speak with Professor Abdullahi and get him to buy in.

    His friend agrees, saying: “I will go and see him in Kaduna.”

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