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    Father & Daughter Wedding Moments – “A Girl’s First Love”!

    Father & Daughter wedding moment is magical. I don’t know about you, but I consider my father my first ever love. We have cultivated a very strong bond since I was born and he continues to be my go to person. I also believe that no matter how old a girl gets, she never stops needing her dad. Many will even say, a fathers job is not to teach his daughter how to be a lady, but how a lady should be treated. So when their daughter is getting married, it’s an emotional process for them. They feel like their little girl is all grown up. 

    Ever wonder why Father & Daughter wedding moments tend to be emotional at Nigerian weddings? It is because the father feels like his daughter will never need him again. He also feels like he will be sharing her attention with another man “her husband”. No one except a father & daughter will understand the tears on the wedding day. 

    Check Out These Father & Daughter Wedding Moments Below: 

    This is exactly why we appreciate the tradition of the father owning the first dance with his daughter. After that, he then hands her over to her husband, who is meant to love her unconditionally till death to them apart like he the father has done all these years. 

    Please, feel free to also share your experience of Father & daughter wedding moments. Thanks in advance.


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