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    Fashion For Church #67: Dresses That Make You Glow

    Fashion has even permeated through the walls of the church that in some churches it is impossible to look shabby while coming to church. Floral print fabrics are your best bet if you opt for that glow.

    It shows feminity in total, the petals on the print fabric brings out the natural beauty that there is in floral prints. Wearing a floral print dress for church shows modesty, feminity, softness, and class.

    The best way to rock floral print dresses is to have a stylish bow on the waist, a matching blazer or a colourful bolero would do. As for accessorizing, pick a dominant colour on the fabric to match things up but do this with caution because it might get too loud due to the complicated nature of floral prints and do your justice to your look by stepping things up in sky-high heels!

    Check these styles out!

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