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    Do you feel safe and secure under Buhari?

    Buhari 4

    The state of the country is a source of constant concern. And security and safety take centre stage. 
    Over time, there has been cases of kidnapping and ritual killings, all of which the Government vowed to tackle. The security forces have made a good record of arrests this year as the police apprehended notorious kidnapping kingpin, Evans, amongst several others. There have been discoveries of ritualist dens around the country. 
    This rapidly increase in crime prompted the question,  “are Nigerians actually more secured and saved under this Government?” sought the reactions of the public on whether they feel more secured and safe under Buhari, and they have these to say…
    Babatunde Folake
    No. If I take a look at security properly , I am not secured.  My means of livelihood is threatened. People around me are losing their jobs thereby having to rely on people like me to feed. My health too is threatened, no money to take care of myself when I fall sick. Things were easier in Jonathan’s regime. I could afford to do some things on my own then. Kidnapping is on the rise in this regime compared to Jonathan’s. I only pray that President Buhari could just resign.

    Koleosho Faramola
    I feel secured. At least, in terms of corruption, he is trying. And as for the economic situation, I won’t blame it on him. The economy usually go bad when he is out of the country. He is back now and he is doing something about it. The government has no much power on securing our lives, only God can do that.

    AKpan Emem
    No, l don’t think I’m safe in all ramifications.  Things are not the way they used to be. Money is not in circulation, corruption everywhere. I don’t really understand why a president who was absent from the country for over 100 days will come back and applaude the economy. I am highly disappointed in him.

    ILesanmi Funmilola
    As for me, I don’t think I’m secured. In fact, I’m not secured because these days, there has been a lot of kidnapping cases that we all have to be at alert wherever we are going. I leave the security of my life and that of my family in God’s hand.

    Ajayi Oyinade
    When it comes to security, I put that in God’s Hands. The fear that he might die soon makes me feel unsafe.

    Emmanuel Adanna
    No. First of all, I am not trying to humiliate the president or something. Right now, Hausas and Igbos are at each other’s neck. Ever since this regime started, prices of things skyrocketed. People started going into all kinds of evil vices. So, why will I feel secured under a government that doesn’t give me opportunities but take them from me?

    Olayemi Philip
    I am a journalist. In the first year of PMB’s tenure, journalists were safe but with the dastardly act carried out on journalists in Abia state it is a note of warning. Nevertheless, let’s not forget Buhari is a human like we all.

    Ojo Ola

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